Looking for a partner for a serious relationship with Zoosk

If you want to know what is Zoosk then this is a convenient international dating platform. The resource works in almost 80 countries so you can find partners from different regions. This company is very popular and its project introduces people around the world. Here, there are very favorable conditions and affordable prices for some paid features. Convenience and simplicity are the main features of this Zoosk dating site.

Zoosk log in and become a part of this simple dating system

Zoosk sign in is available for any user who wants to find a partner for a serious relationship. Open your profile and use Zoosk free trial to find out all the features of the resource. After the trial version, you will need to pay for membership to use all the functions of the platform. For the convenience, the company has developed the Zoosk app so you can communicate anytime.

The company has developed the Zoosk app so users can chat anywhere

Many users could not visit the site through PC, so the company created the Zoosk app. All functions and tools were saved and you get a dating resource for your smartphone. You only need to download this app and enter your username and password that you specified during registration. You can upload photos, edit profiles, use search form and other functions. Zoosk free dating app makes communication easy and affordable.

Review and Our Thoughts about site Zoosk

Zoosk first contact

This Zoosk review will tell you the main features of this dating site. There are many user reviews who call this platform a very convenient way to find a partner from different countries. There are many convenient features and membership payment is available. The resource works in many regions and this extends the site opportunities.

Zoosk dating site has many profiles and these are real people not bots. There are all conditions for pleasant communication without vulgarity and indecent offers. People want to build families and have children, so they do not agree to short affairs. You can delete Zoosk account if you want to leave the platform - do it in your profile without having to confirm the deletion through customer support.

User’s impression

Most users are pleasant with this platform but there are also certain Zoosk complaints. Many people were able to find the perfect partner here and build a strong family. But there are people who received rejections from women and called this site as a scammer. If you look at the features of this resource, then it is made quite simple but very convenient.

Some users have noted Zoosk.com search system that finds the necessary people for certain parameters. You can choose the country, type of appearance, orientation, age and purpose of acquaintance. Also, some people were pleased with the mobile application, which is now very convenient because all of us use smartphones.

There are other advantages that have become a plus for some users - this is Zoosk phone number where everyone can find answers to questions or make suggestions and offers. Customer support also works on the site and you can write there at any time, the specialist answers very quickly.

Zoosk.com Registration

Zoosk sign up

The question "how to use Zoosk" worries many users, but you will find a registration form on the main page. Fill in all the fields and continue to open your profile. After that, you can use the search system to find people. Many Zoosk seniors are looking for ladies for a serious relationship, but there are men who offer short affairs. The site is accessible to all people from 80 countries, so you can find here profiles of different users with different desires, age and orientation.

Use the trial version to find out the features of the platform, then you will need to pay a membership. The company appreciates its customers and therefore offers various favorable offers and Zoosk discount. After registration, you will receive a subscription to news and notifications, but if you want to know how to cancel Zoosk subscription then open your profile settings. You can delete Zoosk account if you want to stop using this resource.

Zoosk.com App

Mobile version

The company has created a mobile adaptation so that you can view the site on your gadget. But you can also download an app that will have all the features of the original version. If you have questions about using the application, write to Zoosk customer service. Many people use smartphones more often than laptops or PCs, so the application will be the best choice.

You do not need to go through the Zoosk sign up procedure again. You download the application and enter your login information. Put the mark to log in automatically mode and you will receive news alerts on the screen of your gadget. Some users have certain Zoosk complaints because they find the app a bit complicated and piled up. But it would be easier if it did not have half the features of the original version of the site.

Zoosk costs and prices

This resource gives users a trial version to find out the main features of the site. But after that you need to pay for membership. The price of membership is different for 1, 3 or 6 months. You can read the detailed description in the section with questions and answers (Zoosk login my account), open a profile and use the convenient payment system through a card or virtual wallets. The company confirms the reliability of its work, so you can be sure of the safety of your money. The platform also gives Zoosk discount to make membership cheaper.

Special features

This resource has many features, for example, a convenient and detailed Zoosk.com search system. This is an advanced search for the necessary people according to your preferences. Also on the site, there is a section with different useful information about acquaintances, people and relationships. You can read different articles to better understand the mentality of people from different countries.

You can read it differently Zoosk reviews where some users write about the pros and others about the cons. But they call this platform very convenient and comfortable for finding a partner and communicating. There are a lot of profiles of people from all over the world, the platform does not freeze, has a security and privacy policy, affordable membership prices, a nice and simple interface.

Zoosk and its competitors

You can find many dating sites that have certain similarities with this resource. But Zoosk dating site offers favorable conditions for its users. These are not only advantageous offers, but also a bonus system. The platform also has Zoosk discount to reduce the price of membership fees. Also, here you will find a trial version which could not be on many paid dating site.

Not all such sites allow you to delete profiles; some of them make it to remain in the system without use. Here, you can delete Zoosk account in your profile settings. This platform also has an additional section with different useful information about relationships and dating. The resource has a language adaptation so that users of all countries could communicate freely. You can also find this site in many social networks.

Share experience form

If you have Zoosk complaints then you can open a special section and write your opinion. The company reads reviews of its users to correct errors and improve the work of the system. Fill out the experience form by using your name or do it anonymously. You can share your story with other people and read their reviews. Many users make suggestions and wishes using not only this form but also the Zoosk phone number.

Zoosk user’s opinion

Many girls write negative reviews about Zoosk seniors who write vulgar letters to them. But the site is open to all people, so there are many profiles from users with different goals of communication. Write your opinion and read other reviews using the Zoosk.com search. Most people call this site reliable and simple with a large selection of profiles and an affordable price. On the Internet, there are many reviews about this resource, so you can find both positive and negative opinions of people. They also write about how they could find the perfect partner and build a strong family thanks to the Zoosk dating site.

Zoosk.com FAQ


If you have questions, complaints or suggestions, you can write to Zoosk customer service. But the site also has a special section where you can find answers to popular questions about the operation of the system, payment and tariffs, the use of functions, rules and more. If you did not find your question there, write to the support team. The platform also has an internal Zoosk search so that all users could find different information inside the system.

Zoosk conclusion

If you want to use a large international dating site then Zoosk will be a good platform for this. There is a lot of useful information, convenient features and a trial version without paying membership. You can use it to find out this resource and then decide to stay here or not. The site also improved the interface so that users could communicate without ads and pop-ups.

You can use Zoosk discount or delete your account. The site also has a convenient search system to find suitable profiles according to your preferences and personal requirements. Unlike many similar sites, there is no vulgarity here, so the communication will be cultural and enjoyable.